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Fancybox Plus is a WordPress plugin that integrates the functionality of Fancybox into WordPress while simultaneously modifying the image links to be opened with as a TopUp window. Video can also be viewed with TopUp. Currently supported are videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip. Tv.


  1. The directory fancybox-plus in the WordPress plugin directory under “/wp-content/plugins”
  2. Copy the plugin in the plugin menu, and activate.
  3. That’s it!

Inserting images

  • Add a picture of your choice – in the usual WordPress way, and add your title.
  • Create a link from the image to view a larger version of image
  • The rest Fancybox Plus automatically takes care of.

Adding Video

  1. Click the new button labelled “Embed Video”
  2. Choose the desired pop in the new video portal (at the moment YouTube, Blip. Tv and Vimeo)
  3. For the video enter the video ID (as this needs is to be known at the next stage)
  4. Select whether a link text should appear below the video and optionally enter the link text
  5. Click Insert
  6. Check the Video ID highlighted is the correct video ID


Blip TV:. Http://
Vimeo: notext


  1. Images are not displayed in the overlay Fancybox?
    In your theme is missing the Hook. Please add it.
  2. I have pictures inserted in my text, but these can not be clicked to enlarge.
    Fancybox and the plugin will only work if link to another picture. Link to this picture a larger version of itself.
  3. There are also Fancybox for Prototype?
    Sure! There is LightView Plus. It has the same functions as Fancybox Plus.
  4. Fancybox works, but xy yz at the operating system is not in the browser. / How do I change the display of Fancybox?
    Since I did not write the javascript please ask in the forum of the author of Fancybox.


Under The current version can be found.

Current version

Current version is 1.0. In these videos, the portals YouTube, Vimeo, Blip be. Tv supports.


Anyone who wants to contribute to the translation is cordially invited to email me for the language packs. Until now, there are the following:

German – by myself

English – by Webtart